Press Statements

Date Title
Sep.22.2014 On Dismissal of Dalit Students from Rajasthan School
Sep.17.2014 CPI(M) MPs to Contribute 10 Crore for J&K Flood Relief
Sep.15.2014 Homage to Benoy Konar
Sep.13.2014 Permit MPs to Donate from MPLADS for J&K Relief
Sep.12.2014 P.B. Communiqué
Sep.08.2014 Contribute Generously to Flood Relief Fund
Sep.05.2014 On Floods in Jammu & Kashmir
Sep.04.2014 On CBI Director’s Meetings
Sep.03.2014 Teachers Day: No Compulsion
Aug.23.2014 U R. Ananthamurthy
Aug.19.2014 Dismantling the Planning Commission
Aug.18.2014 "Hindutva" Militates Against Secularism
Aug.10.2014 Central Committee Communiqué
Aug.03.2014 Improper Comments of Judge
Jul.31.2014 Malin Disaster
Jul.24.2014 Prosecute Shiv Sena MP
Jul.20.2014 P.B. Communiqué
Jul.19.2014 Landslide Victory for Left Front in Tripura
Jul.17.2014 Gaza Attack: Government Stand Pro-Israeli
Jul.12.2014 Halt Aggression in Gaza
Jul.12.2014 Budget Allocation for SCSP: Letter to FM
Jul.10.2014 On Union Budget
Jul.10.2014 New BJP President
Jul.08.2014 Railway Budget: More Burdens on People
Jul.04.2014 On Moves to Scrap MGNREGA
Jul.03.2014 Sitaram Yechury to Speaker
Jul.01.2014 TMC MP Speech Condemned
Jun.26.2014 Partisan Step on Judge Appointment
Jun.24.2014 On Delhi University
Jun.20.2014 Protest against Anti-People Railway Fare Hike
Jun.20.2014 On Language in Social Media
Jun.13.2014 Reverse Decision on Narmada Dam Height
Jun.09.2014 CPI(M) Office Bearers in Lok Sabha & Rajya Sabha
Jun.09.2014 Central Committee Communiqué
May.21.2014 Condolence Resolution: R Umanath
May.18.2014 P.B Communiqué
May.16.2014 West Bengal Verdict "Distorted"
May.16.2014 On Lok Sabha Verdict
May.15.2014 Ensure People's Verdict is Not Manipulated
May.12.2014 Left Protest On May 14: Demand Repoll in Bengal