Assam Killings Condemned

All democratic forces should unitedly counter such reactionary ethnic chauvinism. Firm action should taken to curb and dismantle the NDFB extremist group. It is the responsibility of the Assam government and the Centre to ensure the safety and protection of the non-Bodo communities in the BTAD area. All steps should be taken for the medical treatment of the injured, adequate compensation to the families of those killed and rehabilitation measures.

Savage Killings Condemned

The Polit Bureau of the CPI(M) strongly condemns the savage killing of 31 people by Bodo extremist elements in Kokrajhar and adjoining districts of the Bodoland Territorial Council. This shocking attack targeting Bengali Muslims in various villages has led to the death of a large number of women and children.

C.C. Communique

The withdrawal of the TMC from the government, even the partners of the UPA government differing with the anti-people measures adopted – all go to show that the Manmohan Singh government has no mandate to push through such reforms. The September 20 all India protest and hartal showed the discontent and fighting mood of the people. The Central Committee resolved to intensify the movements and struggles in defence of people’s livelihood and to mobilize the people against high level corruption.

Violence in Assam

The Polit Bureau of the CPI(M) expresses its grave concern at the escalating violence in Assam which is taking a communal turn and is spreading from the Bodo Territorial Administered District and Kokhrajar to neighbouring districts and areas. It is indeed deeply disturbing that over 35 people have lost their lives, several are untraced, over 50 villages have been burnt, thousands have been forced to flee from their homes. Tragically the insecurity is so high among all communities that even those in relief camps do not feel safe.

This is a monumental failure of the Congress led Government in Assam which refused to take timely action allowing the tensions to increase from the first incident on July 6th. Even earlier the warning signs of distrust and tensions among different communities was ignored. The Central Government must explain why it too delayed its response to the violence. 

Ferry Accident in Assam

The ferry accident, coming in the wake of similar incidents earlier, highlights the lack of safety regulations being observed in the ferries plying in the Brahmaputra. Steps should be taken immediately to ensure that all safety measures on the passenger boats are implemented.

On Assembly Election Results

The CPI(M) accepts the verdict of the people. The Party will analyse the results carefully and come to proper conclusions about the electoral reverse. After the Left Front being in office for a record 34 years continuously, the people have opted for a change. The TMC-led combine has been the beneficiary of this change.

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