On Union Budget

The CPI(M) considers that the Union Budget 2012-2013 is a regressive budget which will result in pushing up prices and imposing greater burdens on the working people. The bias towards the corporates and the rich in this budget is seen from the fact that while the direct taxes being levied from the rich will result in a loss of 4500 crores rupees, that from indirect taxes, that is through the increase in across the board service and excise duties, is expected to yield a gain of 45,940 crores. While the CPI(M) welcomes taxes on luxury items, it strongly opposes the reliance on indirect taxes for revenue mobilization as this will lead to a cascading impact pushing up prices across the board.

Central Committee Communique

The Central Committee called upon the people of West Bengal and Kerala to ensure the victory of the Left Front and the Left Democratic Front. The Congress and its TMC and UDF allies should be defeated as they are responsible for the acute price rise, massive corruption and attacks on the livelihood of the people. The Left Front of West Bengal and the LDF government of Kerala have stood out for the implementation of pro-people policies and safeguarding the interests of the working people.

Callous Justification of Petrol Price Hike


The Prime Minister’s justification of the hike in indirect taxes on diesel and petrol in the Union Budget in terms of taking a “long-term view” reflects a flawed economic thinking and insensitivity to the sufferings of the people due to price rise. .....The CPI (M) rejects the Prime Minister’s callous defence of the fuel price hike and strongly reiterates its demand to withdraw the increase in customs and excise duties on diesel and petrol immediately.

Union Budget 2010

The Polit Bureau of the CPI (M) calls for the withdrawal of the indirect tax proposals which will fuel inflation and adversely affect the people. The increase in petrol and diesel prices to the tune of over Rs. 2.50 per litre must be summarily rescinded. The cuts in food and fertiliser subsidy also need to be reversed. The Polit Bureau calls upon all its Party units to launch protest actions against the anti-people proposals of the Budget.                           

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