Pursue Bofors Case

The way the Bofors case has been handled to allow the guilty to go unpunished is a continuing reminder that there is no check against corruption in high places. If the people have to have any confidence that the recent large-scale corruption cases will be investigated and acted upon, the Bofors case will have to be pursued without let-up.

Central Committee Communique

The 2G spectrum scam is a prime example of the big business-politician-bureaucrat nexus which has now become the hallmark of the neo-liberal regime. As early as February 2008, the CPI(M) had brought to the attention of the country the blatantly illegal manner in which allocation of 2G spectrum and licences were made causing a huge loss to the exchequer. The role of the Union Minister A. Raja was also clear.

Dissolution of MCI

Utilizing the need for removal of Desai, the Government has brought an ordinance to dissolve the entire council shortly after the Parliament session. This shows the absence of minimum democratic norms. The Government should have taken Parliament into confidence before dissolving an autonomous body set up by an Act of Parliament.

Central Committee Communique

Instead of using agencies such as the CBI to investigate economic crimes and cases of corruption, the ruling party is unscrupulously utilizing the CBI for its narrow political purposes. The brazen manner in which the CBI investigations have been used to muster support for the cut motion is bringing the agency into disrepute. The ruling party cannot be allowed to bring the CBI into disrepute.


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