Sitaram's Letter to MoS for Finance

The government is losing the dividend income more and more as it proceeds to off-load its share in the CPSEs in the market in regular frequency. Dividend is a recurring flow to Government. Foregoing a part of such recurring flow of income for one time sales-proceeds does not speak about economic prudence....... the very concept of “National Investment Fund (NIF)” for parking the disinvestment proceeds to be utilized for capital expenditure as well as social sector schemes is yet to take-off fully even after eight years after its constitution. And disinvestment proceeds realized during this period have all gone to meet the fiscal deficit and nowhere else.

P.B. Communiqué

The Polit Bureau conducted an in-depth review of the political-tactical line which the Party has been pursuing. A review report will be placed in the next Central Committee meeting. This is a preparatory step towards preparing the Draft Political Resolution for the Party Congress to be held next year.

Support to Neyveli Strike

The Neyveli workers are raising a demand which is in the national interest, that the policy of disinvestment in public sector be stopped. The Government of India should forthwith rescind the decision to disinvest shares of this profitable navaratna company. ....The CPI(M) extends its full support to the struggle and the demand of the workers raised unitedly by all the trade unions.

Massive Response to Protest Day

The widespread support for the hartal manifested the anger of the people against the anti-people measures taken by the UPA government. The Polit Bureau of the CPI(M) demands of the Manmohan Singh government that it cancel the FDI in retail, the disinvestment of public sector shares, rollback the price hike of diesel and restriction on gas cylinders. The struggle against these anti-people measures should be intensified in the coming days. 

Central Committee Communique

Instead of using agencies such as the CBI to investigate economic crimes and cases of corruption, the ruling party is unscrupulously utilizing the CBI for its narrow political purposes. The brazen manner in which the CBI investigations have been used to muster support for the cut motion is bringing the agency into disrepute. The ruling party cannot be allowed to bring the CBI into disrepute.

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