Jammu & Kashmir

Govt. Formation in J & K

The formation of the government of Jammu & Kashmir has become complicated because of the nature of the result and a hung Assembly. The BJP, which benefited from the polarization in the Jammu region, is trying to impose its political design in the formation of the government. This should be resisted in the interests of the unity of the state and safeguarding its special status. It is imperative that a secular government is formed in Jammu & Kashmir and the secular forces should rise to the occasion keeping in mind the larger interests of the unity and integrity of our country.

Declare J & K Floods National Disaster

Immediately declare this natural disaster in the state of Jammu & Kashmir as a “national disaster” and take all the consequent measures to provide immediate relief and rehabilitation... the package announced by the Prime Minister is insufficient and the Central government must come forward with a more comprehensive package, particularly for the rehabilitation of the people who have been completely rendered homeless and face a total uncertainty regarding their future. -- Memo to Home Minister

Polit Bureau Communiqué

The Polit Bureau took serious note of the fact that the United States has sought to pressurize India on the Indian Patent law and Intellectual Property Rights policy. It also sought the dilution of the civil nuclear liability law of the country. Both these are reflected in the joint statement issued by Prime Minister Modi and President Obama. The joint statement announced the decision to set up an Intellectual Property Working Group. The US pharmaceutical companies have been demanding that India dilute its present patent regime which has utilised the flexibilities provided in the TRIPS agreement. It is this which helps to keep drug prices low for the people in India.

Contribute Generously to Flood Relief Fund

The CPI(M) has called upon all its units to immediately collect money to provide relief to the people of Jammu & Kashmir affected by the massive floods in the state. The Jammu & Kashmir State Committee of the Party has begun relief operations in the state. The Polit Bureau has asked state committees to collect money so that it can help in the relief work that is being undertaken by the Party in the state.

Terror Strike in J & K

The fact that three heavily armed terrorists could cross the fenced and fortified border with ease and indiscriminately fire attacking a police station, traveling some distance to mount an attack on an army camp exposes the serious lacuna in our security apparatus. These need to be corrected with great urgency.

Maintain Peace in J&K

Despite aberrations, the people of the state have maintained communal harmony and brotherhood till now. Attempts to sow discord among the people on religious and communal lines must be defeated. People should not get swayed by rumor mongers and provocations of divisive elements, who are out to disrupt peace in the state.

P.B. Communiqué

The Polit Bureau decided to call for a countrywide campaign to “Save Democracy and to Defeat the Violence and Terror in West Bengal”. All Party units will conduct this campaign on August 7, 2013. All Party units will conduct this campaign on August 7, 2013. This campaign will inform the people about the murder of democracy in West Bengal and mobilize support to demand a halt to the violence and terror.


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