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On the Demand for Land Reform

Adopted at the 20th Congress of the CPI(M), Kozhikode, April 4-9, 2012
On the Demand for Land Reform
The 20th  Party Congress of the CPI(M) expresses its strong opposition to the present policies of reverse land reform, that is, the dispossession of the peasantry from their land, and the efforts to facilitate corporate takeover of land, including fertile agricultural land. This is reflected in the Approach document of the 12th Five Year Plan which encourages reverse leasing for consolidation of the landholdings and encourages corporate farming. In many States land ceiling laws have been changed to permit this.
There is extreme concentration of ownership of agricultural holdings in India As the NSSO report on landholdings shows, just 3.5 per cent of landowners own 37.72 per cent of the land.

Jail Bharo on April 8

Left parties announced that on 8th April, in all districts headquarters there will be mass picketing and court arrest programmes outside Central Government offices. 25 lakh people will participate in this programme to demand immediate steps to curb price rise and for strengthening the public distribution system, implementation of land reforms and employment opportunities.

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