UPA Government Solely Responsible

The events orchestrated by the UPA Government leading to the abrupt adjournment of the Rajya Sabha, displays their utter contempt for Parliament. It constitutes a flagrant violation of the very principle of parliamentary democracy. It is precisely because the Government was facing certain defeat because of its lack of a majority to prevent the passage of important amendments being moved by the opposition to strengthen the Bill that it blocked the voting by adjourning the House sine die. It used its allies in different ways to sabotage the voting.

Yeddyurappa Should Resign

With this indictment, Yeddyurappa has no other option but to resign from office. After the report is submitted, all those named for wrongdoing should be prosecuted under the law. The BJP leadership cannot prevaricate in this matter any more. It must own up full responsibility for instituting a government in Karnataka which is riddled with the mining mafia and those patronizing them.

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