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P.B. Communiqué

The CPI(M) demands that such "reconversion" based on false assurances and inducements and with State patronage be prohibited with immediate effect. Action should be taken under the relevant provisions of the law against those who are organizing such activities which are disruptive of communal harmony and creating communal tensions. The U.P. government has already registered cases and taken action against the organisers of the Agra “reconversion”. This must be done by other state governments too.

Memo to PM: Financial Scams

The Left Front parties are very much concerned about the repayment of the life long savings of millions of poor people who invested in these fraud `ponzi schemes’. It becomes the responsibility of the Government of India to identify the people involved in the larger conspiracy and attach their properties, movable and immovable, and ensure return of the deposits to the people so defrauded. The state government had appointed the Justice Shyamal Sen Commission to identify and compensate those defrauded.

False Statements: HRD Minister Accountable

Contrary to what she has stated that “only a voluntary online essay competition which did not require students to go to school” the circular issued by her Ministry not only asked schools to “ensure active participation of students” for activities ranging from declamation contests, to child cabinets, to documentary screenings, but also to provide the Ministry with compliance reports. In fact the response from the KVS that it was not possible as schools would be closed has further exposed the actions of the Minister.

Withdraw FIR Against Teesta

The FIR filed against Teesta Setalvad in an Ahmedabad police station is a most vindictive act by the Modi Government designed as a form of punishment for her fight for justice on behalf of Zakia Jaffri and other victim families of the Gujarat violence in 2002. It is a measure of the contempt for minimum democratic norms by the Modi Government that it has time and again sought to suppress through threats, warnings, false FIRs and concocted stories all efforts by Teesta Setalvad and others to bring out the truth behind the role of the Chief Minister in the violence.

Illegal Surveillance In Gujarat

To use the powers of the State and further to use the anti-terrorist squad to snoop on the private life of a young woman, to follow her every movement, to snoop also on her other family members and friends, shows the utterly unethical and illegal practices and degeneration of the minimum norms of democratic governance under Modi.

Prosecute Narendra Modi

The CPI(M) demands that Narender Modi should be prosecuted in the concerned cases and should forthwith step down from office. It calls for a Supreme Court supervised inquiry to uncover the full facts in the CD case so as to file criminal charges against those involved. In the meanwhile the bail of Amit Shah should be cancelled.

Sitaram Denies Writing To US President

There is news circulating that I am a signatory to a petition to the US President asking for the denial of US visa for the Gujarat Chief Minister. I deny having signed any such letter.It is neither in my character nor in the principles of my Party – the Communist Party of India (Marxist) – to petition any sovereign country on matters that fall strictly within the sovereign domain of that country.

P.B. Communiqué

The Polit Bureau decided to call for a countrywide campaign to “Save Democracy and to Defeat the Violence and Terror in West Bengal”. All Party units will conduct this campaign on August 7, 2013. All Party units will conduct this campaign on August 7, 2013. This campaign will inform the people about the murder of democracy in West Bengal and mobilize support to demand a halt to the violence and terror.

Reinvestigate Narendra Modi's Role

The SIT investigation and report has been vitiated by the lack of application of mind and by the inability to comprehend the premeditated actions of the executive in Gujarat. The SIT findings exonerating Narendra Modi have been questioned by the report submitted to the Supreme Court by the Amicus Curiae. A fresh investigation into the role and actions of Narendra Modi should be conducted, so that the truth comes out and accountability is fixed.


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