Land Acquisition Ordinance: Authoritarian Step

The Polit Bureau of the Communist Party of India (Marxist) strongly opposes the decision of the BJP government to amend the provisions of the Land Acquisition Act through the ordinance route to favour the interests of the corporates and real estate barons. The proposed amendment surrenders the genuine interests of the peasantry and land owners.This decision is in continuation of the ordinances passed on coal privatisation and raising the FDI in insurance.

Sitaram Yechury to Rashtrapathi

The Government is seeking to take recourse to the ‘Ordinance Route’, particularly on two important Bills –raising FDI ceiling in Insurance and on coal block allocations. This is because the Government could not muster a majority in the Rajya Sabha. A Select Committee of the Rajya Sabha scrutinized the Insurance Bill. It’s report has been tabled in the House but not yet deliberated upon. It, hence, remains the property of the House on which a decision is pending. Until this process is completed, the issuance of an Ordinance would be a grave violation of the sanctity of Parliamentary proceedings....

Coal A National Resource

Following the Supreme Court order quashing the allocation of 214 coal blocks the Modi Government seems to have decided to promulgate an ordinance empowering the government to take back these coal blocks and reallocate them to private entities through an e-auction.This completely nullifies the coal nationalization Act of 1973. Coal was nationalised as a precious national asset required for the country’s development especially to provide energy resources to the people. By an open market e-auction this objective would be negated. In any case such a decision cannot be taken unless the parliament enacts a legislation nullifying the 1973 Act.

Food Security Ordinance

The CPI(M) had wanted the central government to give utmost priority to this matter. However, the Union Government failed to bring in a proper legislation for nearly four years for the consideration of parliament, and now an ordinance is being promulgated. The ordinance route shows contempt for parliament and is anti-democratic.

Dissolution of MCI

Utilizing the need for removal of Desai, the Government has brought an ordinance to dissolve the entire council shortly after the Parliament session. This shows the absence of minimum democratic norms. The Government should have taken Parliament into confidence before dissolving an autonomous body set up by an Act of Parliament.

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