petrol price hike

Stop Price Hikes

Unable to check the falling value of the rupee, the UPA government is resorting to successive increases in the fuel prices. This will only add to the burdens on the people by stoking inflation and rising prices of all commodities.The Polit Bureau demands that the UPA government stop this ruinous policy of continuous hike in prices of petroleum products.T

Petrol Price Hike Condemned

This hike in petrol prices will increase transportation costs and, once again, drive a further increase in the prices of essential commodities at a time when the government has utterly failed to control food inflation. Having disbanded the administered price mechanism for petroleum products, the government is making the people bear the cost of its flawed economic policies.

Left Parties Statement

The Left parties will conduct a month long campaign from the grassroot level in all the states in July. This will be followed by a continuous dharna during the monsoon session of Parliament from July 30 to August 3, 2012 in New Delhi in which thousands of people will participate. This dharna will see the participation of the national leaders of the Left parties.

Protest Petrol Price Hike

Immediately after the elections, this steep increase in prices has been announced. This itself shows that the hike in the price of petrol is politically manipulated. The UPA government refuses to restructure the ad valorem tax structure on import of petro products. If the cess revenues earned by the government due to rise in international prices is returned to oil companies, then there would be no need to hike prices and burden the aam admi.


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