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Niti Aayog: A Regressive Step

The announcement of a NITI Aayog to replace the Planning Commission is a regressive step which will further push the country into a market-driven economy and privatization in all spheres at the expense of diluting even the present inadequate schemes aimed at improving people’s welfare. ....Underlying the abolition of the concept of the Planning Commission, is the Modi government's ideological conviction that public resources should be put at the disposal of the private sector and the market forces.

On Coal Allocation Case

It is shocking that a Union Minister, Anand Sharma, has come out in defence of a big industrialist claiming he is innocent in the case. This is nothing but a blatant effort to influence the case and intimidate the CBI. This stand is also to justify the covert policy of privatizing the coal industry which is the root cause for the corruption involved.

Callous Justification of Petrol Price Hike


The Prime Minister’s justification of the hike in indirect taxes on diesel and petrol in the Union Budget in terms of taking a “long-term view” reflects a flawed economic thinking and insensitivity to the sufferings of the people due to price rise. .....The CPI (M) rejects the Prime Minister’s callous defence of the fuel price hike and strongly reiterates its demand to withdraw the increase in customs and excise duties on diesel and petrol immediately.
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