On Dismissal of Dalit Students from Rajasthan School

This highly deplorable act is an indicator of the subordinate status of dalits and the obnoxious practices being carried on by the so-called upper castes even sixty seven years after the country attained independence. Dalits continue to be segregated, confined to the margins economically and socially and are denied basic amenities in many parts of the country. Unacceptable practices like the two-glass system and untouchability are still prevalent in many states.

On Assembly Election Results

The defeat is more resounding as the Congress could not dislodge the BJP from the governments in Madhya Pradesh and Chattisgarh where the latter has been in power for ten years. The misrule and corruption of the BJP governments in these two states did not lead the people to opt for the Congress

On Bharatpur Violence

The administration and police officials instead of checking the veracity of the rumours resorted to indiscriminate firing at a place of worship. All those killed belong to the Meo community. The district administration and the police are wholly responsible for the killings. Those officials responsible for ordering the firing which led to the deaths should be proceeded against.

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