struggle for land

Delhi Chalo, March 12

The Left Parties, namely the CPI, the CPI(M), the Forward Bloc and the RSP call upon you to join the massive rally in Ram Lila maidan Delhi on March 12 to raise your voice against the Central Government’s polices which are looting the budgets of the poor through price rise. The rally is for the demand for cheap rations to all, the right to work and jobs, and land for the landless. The rally is also to express strong condemnation of the Trinamool-Maoist violence against Left party activists in Bengal.
Against Price Rise and for Cheap Rations
People throughout the country and particularly women are the victims of the unprecedented rise in the prices of food items essential for our daily lives. Rice, atta, dal, sugar, edible oil, milk, vegetables everything we need to survive has now become too expensive to buy. The Government itself admits that the prices of food items have risen by 20 per cent compared to last year but in fact some items like sugar and some types of dals have increased by 100 per cent and more.
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