No Dilution of Liability Law

The effort of the Manmohan Singh government to dilute the Civil Liability Nuclear Act to exempt US suppliers of reactors from the liability clause will be an illegal attempt to bypass the law passed by parliament. The opinion given by the Attorney General is an interpretation of the law which does not hold.

No Military Intervention in Syria

The Polit Bureau of the CPI(M) strongly opposes the reported moves to launch a military attack on Syria which is to be discussed at a meeting of military chiefs of the US and its allies at Amman in Jordan. The Government of India should come out against any military intervention and advocate a political solution for the conflict in Syria.

Stop US Surveillance

It is significant that India is a major target of such intelligence gathering. It is the fifth largest target of such snooping, even ahead of countries such as China and Russia. The US official defense, including President Obama’s own response, is that the NSA was spying only on “foreigners”; no US citizens’s privacy was violated and no US laws were broken; and this was being done in the US national interest

Killing of Muammar Gaddafi

From the outset, the blatant aggression of the US-Nato was to effect a regime change in Libya even though it was proclaimed as an intervention to save the Libyan people and for the establishment of democracy. The claim that the killing of Gaddafi marks an end of despotic rule is sheer hypocrisy since it is the US and its allies which prop up the most despotic regimes.

Stop Pussyfooting on Headley Case

It has been established that Headley has been an agent for the Drug Enforcement Authority (DEA) of the United States. It is also a fact that he had visited Mumbai both before and after the terrorist attack in 2008. The attitude of the US authorities suggests that he has been a double-agent. It is inexplicable therefore why the UPA government is pussyfooting around the issue with the US administration.

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