The Marxist

Year Title Author PDF
2014 Political Corruption Under Transnational Capitalism Peter Bratsis PDF
2014 Anatomy of the Islamic State Vijay Prashad PDF
2014 Does Dialectical Materialism Need a Defense? A Rejoinder T Jayaraman PDF
2014 Socialism for the 21st Century -- CP of Bohemia & Moravia Communist Party of Bohemia & Moravia PDF
2014 In Defence of Dialectical Materialism K.K Theckedath PDF
2014 Agrarian Challenges in Maharashtra Today Ashok Dhawale PDF
2014 Capital, Inequality & Globalisation Prabhat Patnaik PDF
2014 Rise of Modi:Joint Enterprise of Hindutva and Big Business Prakash Karat PDF
2014 Gujarat: An "Alternative" Economic Model? R Ramakumar PDF
2014 Muslims of Malabar & The Left Pinarayi Vijayan PDF
2014 World Communist & Revolutionary Movement Albano Nunes PDF
2013 Socialism and the Path to Socialism Nguyen Phu Trong PDF
2013 Dialectics and Materialism T Jayaraman PDF
2013 MB: Draft Programme at the 7th Congress M Basavapunnaiah PDF
2013 Capitalism, its Limits and Socialism as Alternative Sitaram Yechury PDF
2013 JCP: Excerpts from the Draft Resolution Japanese Communist Party PDF
2013 Bank Credit to Agriculture in India R. Ramakumar PDF
2013 The Current Agrarian Crisis in India Venkatesh Athreya PDF
2013 Agrarian Crisis and the Peasant Movement S Ramachandran Pillai PDF
2013 Note to 14th Finance Commission CPI(M) PDF
2013 State of the Arab Revolution Vijay Prashad PDF
2013 Fight For Social Justice B.V. Raghavulu PDF
2013 Gender Concerns: Imperialist Globalisation Brinda Karat PDF
2013 Communalisms: Changing Forms and Fortunes Aijaz Ahmad PDF
2013 Capitalist Development & Indian Society Prabhat Patnaik PDF
2013 Planning & Capital In India Chirashree Das Gupta PDF
2013 XIX Congress Document of KKE C.P. Greece PDF
2012 Draft Political Resolution of PCP PCP PDF
2012 Left Wing Regimes in Latin America PDF
2012 CPC 19th Congress Report Hu Jinato PDF
2012 Social Thoughts & Their Development in China Enfu Cheng PDF
2012 P.S. On The Agrarian Question V.K. Ramachandran PDF
2012 Glorious Legacy of P.S. B.T. Ranadive PDF