The Marxist

Year Title Author PDF
2010 How China is Dealing with the Global Financial Crisis Liu Yunshan PDF
2009 EMS & Communist Govt. of Kerala S Ramachandran Pillai PDF
2009 EMS's Perception of History Prabhat Patnaik PDF
2009 EMS: The Marxist Pathfinder Prakash Karat PDF
2009 Genesis of Intellectual Capital As Property Amit Sengupta PDF
2009 Thesis of the 18th KKE Congress-Extracts Document PDF
2009 Global Financial Crisis & Developing World Jayati Ghosh PDF
2009 Can A Divided Capitalism Reverse Its Decline? C.P. Chandrasekar PDF
2009 On Lok Sabha Election Results Prakash Karat PDF
2008 Approach Paper on Restructuring of Centre-State Relations Document PDF
2008 Global Financial Crisis: Lessons in Theory and Policy Prasenjit Bose & Rohit PDF
2008 Conflict in the Caucasus: A Turning Point in Post-Cold War Era M K Bhadrakumar PDF
2008 Venezuela: Democracy, Socialism and Imperialism James Petras PDF
2008 Managing Multilingual India Ayesha Kidwai PDF
2008 CPI(M) Note to 13th Finance Commission Document PDF
2008 19th Congress Political-Organisational Report -- Part II Document PDF
2008 19th Congress and the Changed Political Situation Prakash Karat PDF
2008 KKE's Experience Since Early 1990s Document PDF
2008 Extracts From Rajasthan Report Document PDF
2008 Extracts From Andhra Pradesh Report Document PDF
2008 Extracts From Tamilnadu Pol-Org Report Document PDF
2008 Kerala: Assurance to the People Resolution PDF
2008 West Bengal LF Govt, Panchayats, Municipalities & Tasks Document PDF
2007 US-India Strategic Partnership Raghu PDF
2007 Report to the 17th National Congress of CPC Hu Jintao PDF
2007 Land Struggle in Andhra Pradesh V Srinivasa Rao PDF
2007 Godavari Parulekar: A Centenary Tribute Ashok Dhawale PDF
2007 85 Years of the Japanese Communist Party JCP Document PDF
2007 Growth & Crisis In Contemporary Capitalism C.P. Chandrasekar PDF
2007 Agrarian Crisis and the Way Out S. Ramachandran Pillai PDF
2007 Indo-US Nuclear Deal: Struggle to Defend National Sovereignty Prakash Karat PDF
2007 South African Road to Socialism SACP Document PDF
2007 Agrarian Transition in West Bengal Surjya Kanta Mishra PDF